The "Mount Lane Family"


The "Friends and Family of Mount Lane" was established in September 2003, originally known as the Parent Staff Association. 


“Friends and Family of Mount Lane” is predominantly about working in partnership with yourselves to plan social events and raise funds; all of which are essential to the outstanding and intricate function of the nursery and club 5-11.


If you wish to support "Friends and Family of Mount Lane", please keep an eye on the notice board in Reception and also our monthly Newsletter; these will let you know when the next meeting or event is on.  Any monies raised from the social events are invested straight back into the setting to purchase additional luxury resources and equipment that will benefit all the children.



Parent/Carer partnership

We believe that a close relationship between home and the nursery/club 5-11 will help to provide the best support for the needs of individual families.


We recognise the importance of a good ‘working’ relationship with parents/carers.  Each child is an individual, with their own personality and varying needs. We value parents/carers views and involvement in the progress their child is making.

Communication is a vital element of our setting and we promote open channels of communication on a daily basis so as together we can support your child. Staff can be available for discussions during hand-over periods at the start and end of the day.


In addition to this, we will keep you up to date with information and policies through our monthly newsletter and the notice boards.


As mentioned in other areas of this booklet, the relationship that we have with parents/carers is crucial and where-ever possible we encourage you to support your child in particular with their learning and development and in identifying their 'next steps'. Your child will benefit significantly from your interest in how they spend their nursery/club 5-11 day and below are some helpful prompts and questions that you might find useful when supporting your child when dropping off and collecting.

  • How do you work it?

  • What can you tell me about?

  • What do you think?

  • What do we need to do first?

  • How do you make it?

  • I wonder what would happen if…..?

  • How do you feel when….?


Links with the Local Community

Wherever possible, we will use the local community to enhance and support the children with their learning and development. We often go out on visits and we also bring people into the setting and this will always be under the supervision of our staff.  We will always endeavour to give you prior notification of these events, however there could times when a spur of the moment opportunity arises that we like to take advantage of. Examples of recent events include: visit from the librarian, re-surfacing of the church car-park, nature walk and visit to the local park.