Safety & Peace of Mind


Every Child Matters (ECM)

Every Child Matters; Changes for Children is an approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to the age of 19 yrs. The Government’s aim is for every child whatever their background or their circumstances to have the support they need to:- be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.  We whole-heartedly support this framework and our aim is to support parents/carers from pregnancy onwards, so that all children get the best start possible in the vital early years. 



Children’s Centre Services

Children Centre Services have evolved from Every Child Matters. It represents the bringing together of a range of services for children under 5 years and their families, including: early years services, family support and parental outreach, together with the child and family health services, links with job centre plus and local drop ins.


We are a partner of the Market Drayton Children’s Centre area and are able to signpost you to a range of services available in and around the Market Drayton area. Locally we have two bases and these are situated on site at Market Drayton County Infants School and Longlands Community Primary School.  Families are encouraged to become a member of the services and will then automatically receive mail outs on events. There is no cost to become a member and, if you would like any more information, then please speak to either Angela or Debbie. Alternatively, you can access the website at


Policies and Information


Please find below a list of all the Nursery/Club 5-11 policies and procedures in connection with the setting.  A copy of any of these can be requested from the office or viewed in the Policies and Procedures file, which is situated in the reception area.  All policies and procedures are reviewed annually or, sooner if there are any changes to legislation, guide lines or practice.  When any changes are made, we make our parents/carers aware of these through the monthly newsletter and of course we value your input and contribution with the development of all policies and procedures.

Safe-Guarding & Child Protection
Acceptable Use Policy
Arrivals and Departures
Behavioural Incident Policy
Complaints Procedure
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Mobile Phone and  Digital Media
Positive Behaviour Management Policy
Policy against bullying
Procedures for lost/uncollected children
Safe-guarding child protection policy
Vision and Values
Whistleblowing policy
Security Policy
Travel Policy
Health & Safety
Emergency Closure Policy
Fire Drill and Evacuation procedures
Health, Illness and Emergency Policy
Health & Safety Policy Statement
Health & Safety at Work Policy
Infection control/Staff hygiene Policy & Procedures
Manual Handing
Outing and Transport Policy
Risk Assessment
Sharps Injury Policy
Planning & Assessment
Accessibility Plan
Assessment Policy
Early Years Pupil Premium Policy
Physical Play Policy
Planning Policy       
Play Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy and
Speech, Language & Communication Policy
Child Welfare
Administering Medication and Inhalers
Breast/Bottle Feeding Policy
Changing Procedures
Healthy Eating
Key Person Policy
Parent/Carer Partnership
Safe in All Weathers
Settling in & transitions policy
Sleep/Rest Policy
Use of Dummy Policy


Code of Conduct Policy
Recruitment and Retention
Staff Training Policy
Staff Induction Policy
Student/Volunteer Policy


Equality Statement
Equal Opportunities for Children
Equal Opportunities in Employment
Vision and Values


Admissions Policy
Damaged, Lost or Defaced Property
Fee Collection
No Shoe Policy
Reference Materials
Ofsted Contacts
Essential Reading
Early Years Inspection Handbook
The Common Inspection Framework: Education, Skills and Early Years
Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills Settings
Shropshire Safeguarding Children Board Poster
Ofsted Parent Poster
Shropshire Council Flow Charts re: Compass/Early Help
Food Allergies/Food Intolerance Poster
Early Years Inspection Myths
Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners Providing Safeguarding Services to Children, Young People, Parents and Carers.