Fun & Play


Four Types of Play

You will have probably noticed within the children’s daily routines there is reference to different types of play, which are explained briefly as follows:-


  • Child Initiated – This is when the child leads and directs the play from the very start.

  • Child Led - this is when the adults give the child an idea/thought and then the child will continue this in their play/learning.

  • Adult-Initiated – this is when the adult begins an idea/activity/thought and the child then takes over (this works hand in hand with child led).

  • Adult Led – This is when the adult plans and leads the activity with specific aims and targets.



Indoor/Outdoor Play

We recognise that some children will thrive more in the outdoors and, therefore, we endeavour to provide all children with regular opportunities to access the outdoor environment.  Our aim is to provide a range of experiences, activities and opportunities for the children so as they can fulfil all 7 areas of the EYFS.  Children will be accessing the outdoor environment in all weather conditions, so appropriate clothing is necessary including: sunhats, wellies, waterproofs, hats, scarves and gloves.  Please also be aware that, whilst children are in the outdoor environment, they may well become quite dirty and messy, but will have had a great time!