Profile Books

Profile books are a fun and interactive way of sharing activities, experiences and opportunities both in and out of the setting.


Each child will receive a red profile book and, with your support, cooperation and input, together we can build up a history of your child’s life.   Staff will add ‘work’ to the book and we strongly encourage you to take the book home to add your contribution.


These books value and respect everything your child achieves and are a brilliant resource to celebrate their life as a youngster and treasure forever.


In addition to all the children receiving their own individual book, all the rooms will have a book that records examples of the children’s daily experiences whilst here with us.  Please take the time to look at the book with your child to see what they have done during their day at Mount Lane Day Care Nursery/Club 5-11.  The profile books are a positive link with the Early Years Foundation Stage as follows:


Communication and Language

For example, words that your child uses, listening to stories,

or looking at their profile book, mark making, the early stages of writing


Physical Development

For example, fine motor skills, your child using scissors. Gross motor skills, your child crawling, walking, using climbing equipment


Personal, Social & Emotional development

For example, your child with friends



For example, using the profile book as a ‘book’ and reading the signs, symbols, photos, written language



For example, your child building with blocks, playing a number game, setting the lunch table, seeing themselves over time


Understanding the World Development

For example, your child playing with large cardboard boxes, using water and sand, observing snails


Expressive Arts and Design

For example, your child involved in role play, mixing paints, singing or dancing.