Key Person Approach


We have a key person approach to support our children and families in all aspects of care, education and play. We believe that what babies and young children experience in the beginnings of their lives makes a difference. Adult’s help children manage the emotional roller-coaster that life can be. Parents/carers do this as part of day-to-day parenting. We believe that, in the nursery setting, even the youngest children need special kinds of relationships when they are cared for away from their parents/carers to “set them up” for life.


Our aim is to develop such an approach, whereby one or two adults in the nursery will be designated to support the child and the family and offer continuity of care by, thinking about them, getting to know them well, and sometimes worrying about them too – all of which help a child to make a strong link between home and nursery.  Should issues arises that may affect your child’s time at nursery such as illness, a death in the family, separation, moving home or new additions to family, these can be easily passed on to the setting through the key person, who will then be able to support the child accordingly.


Further details of the key person approach can be found in the nursery’s related policy.