Ongoing assessment is an integral part of the learning and development process. Our staff observe the children and respond appropriately to help them make progress from birth towards the end of reception year.  Assessments are based on what the staff observe the children doing in their day-to-day activities, experiences and opportunities.  These assessments are based on what the children can “do” rather than what they have not yet achieved. Thus, they are a positive document that illustrates progression.

We encourage a partnership with parents/carers and throughout the assessment process, your views and opinions are essential in ensuring that the needs of the child are being met.  When your child initially starts our setting, we will request that you complete a “Look what I can do” booklet and alongside your child's key person work through "What to Expect When". This will enable us to support you and your child during the settling in stages and in identifying their next steps in terms of learning and development.

We also work in partnership with other settings and will share information so as we can best support the child. Please refer to our ‘Settling in and Transitions policy’ to see how this is implemented.

Termly we will provide you with a parent contribution document that we ask you to complete and tell us how you think your child is meeting the seven areas of learning, and again re-visit "What to Expect When".

Although assessments are on-going, staff aim to up-date their findings each term and you will be able to look at the assessment and comment accordingly.   However, these documents are available at any time for your perusal.

As your child leaves the setting, the documentation will be handed to you and, should your child be moving onto full-time education, then this documentation will be expected to be passed onto the new school.

For more information on either planning or assessment, please access a copy of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage from the Department of Education at: or Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage accessible from