Term Dates

School Term Dates


Autumn Term 2019

Programmed P D Day         Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September

School term starts            Wednesday  4th September

Programmed P D Day     Friday 25th October

School half-term week       28th October to 1st  November 

Autumn term ends             Friday 20th December


Spring Term 2020

P D Day                            Monday 6th January

School term starts            Tuesday 7th January

School half-term week      17th February - 21st February

Spring term ends               Friday 3rd April


Summer 2020

School term starts            Monday 20th April

Bank Holiday                   Monday 8th May

School half-term week       26th May - 29th May

Summer term ends            Friday 17th July


Please note that the above holidays apply to Market Drayton Infant School and Market Drayton Junior School, so you may need to check with your child’s individual school to check their holiday dates, should they attend any other school.


School Start

 Admissions to all schools in England are co-ordinated by the Local Authorities.  Parents will need to complete one application for their Local Authority, regardless of the location of the schools to which they want to apply.  Based on information available from Shropshire Council (our Local Authority), if your child is due to start full-time primary education in September 2020, all school places need to be applied for by the 15th January 2020.  This will apply to children whose birthdays fall between 1st September and 31st December 2015 and the 1st January to 31st August 2016.  For further details please contact the Schools Admissions Team at Shropshire Council on 0345-6789008 or via e-mail at school-admissions@shropshire.gov.uk.