Advice About Illness


Children who are generally unwell should not be in nursery/club 5-11 and should not return until they are able to participate in the routine of the setting. We follow the guidelines as suggested by the Department of Health and we refer to these as a guide for exclusion periods. We do ask that you cooperate with the recommended guidelines to reduce the risk of further spread of infection.

If your child becomes ill whilst at nursery/club 5-11, we are able to administer Calpol (or Nurofen) to children with a temperature of more than 101F/38C.  In these circumstances, the parent/carer will be informed of the action taken. 

Before administering any medication staff (preferably the key person) will ensure that they have sufficient knowledge and information about the medical condition of any child.

We prefer to only administer prescribed medication; however we do appreciate that you may prefer to use an over the counter remedy, and on some occasions GP’s advice this.  In the event of this, the key person will discuss the medication and will decide if we are prepared to administer it.

If your child requires an inhaler or any other long term medication we ask that spares are kept in the setting.  Please speak to your child’s key person should this apply.

If we feel that your child is too ill to be at nursery/club 5-11, then we will contact the parent/carer and ask them to collect their child.